Your Great Grand Children Will Inherit

More Than Just a Table

Hans Baer Custom Woodwork Chilliwack Craftsman

Hi, I’m Hans Baer.

With over two decades focused on mastering wood working, I’ve focused a large portion of my life on mastering the craft of transforming wood into pieces as functional as they are beautiful.

Every creation is a testament to skilled design and meticulous finishing, ensuring you get more than just furniture—a story crafted in wood.

Discover the intersection of tradition, artistry, and impeccable quality in every handcrafted piece.

Our display at the Vancouver Fall Home Show

Bespoke Kitchen Table & Chairs

This classic table is 6 ft in diameter and 3.25 inches thick, made of solid walnut and weighs about 400 lb.

It can be ordered in any diameter.

The oil-rubbed finish will add to the timeless design and provide you with an heirloom for generations to come. The table has room for ten handcrafted chairs (sold separately).


This antiquated wardrobe while old-looking, is thoroughly modern.

The wardrobe style was used in Germany before the war and for keeping clothing in.

Today’s functionality is vastly different. This piece can be used for many things, from dishes to collectibles to clothing, liquor, or whatever you wish.